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Our Story

The innovative thinking, the ways of provoking creative thinking and letting little minds to find solutions is my sole goal. If I express at this point how I entered this industry, it was all because of my provoked creative thinking, when I was small we lived in a two storey house there I am the person who has to get down the stairs always to open the gate of the down stairs. I was lazy to go down everytime to open the gate, this specific incident laid the foundation to my innovative thinking and I myself came up with a solution. I took few things which were available around there. I took a rope, a small blog of wood and few nails and made a lock for the gate. I used one to fix the lock and used an existing pipe line, another nail and lengthy rope to create a connection between the door lock and upstairs. And finally designed a gadget as the door open when we tap the rope from up. Then I called everyone in the house to show how it works. After that it wasn't a thing for anyone to open the door. All what's required is to tap the rope and the door opens. but there was a challenge, which is, the wood I used is a bit low quality wood so It often got damaged and I renovated it then my uncle used good quality wood and nail, I still remember I was praised and motivated by everyone in the house and also whoever visited us. That's the system used for 10 years until that gate is getting change to new one. What I'm now relating is an incident that occurred before 20 years. This won't be that amazing now because everything has been customized to one tap now. What I'm trying to highlight here is that amazing satisfaction and happiness I got from making that small gadget when I was 12, I never felt even from the bigger machinery that I have made after I became an Engineer. And they used that bell for about 10 years and with time they shifted to other systems with new gate. I desire that our current young generation gets that happiness and satisfaction. And that's what inspired me to initiate this Golem Space Robotic Institute.

So like me each and every child of Golem Space will give you solutions to different different problems you face in your day to day life. And they will feel that satisfaction and happiness when people use their products and moreover they will be motivated more and more to create new innovations and put forward to the society . For this to happen we as elders must be the best guide to our children and we have to make them the right background and facilitate them to invest their precious time and little minds to work together to achieve towards provoking thinking. For instance take Japan, the Japanese kids not only play with the toys but also they possess the knowledge to assemble them alone. So finally I conclude by saying that this Golem Space Institute will lay the foundation in finding the experts among our youngsters and they will be born from Golem Space Institute with world Records.