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Young Innovators

(Stem Middle School - Level 1)

Electronics for Kids


Electronics for Kids - Level 1 is a specially-designed STEM middle school curriculum curated by STEM curriculum experts for teaching the basics of electronics to kids ... show more through STEM activities such as glowing an LED, making a DIY turntable, control DC and servo motors, using touch sensors to classify objects and conductors and insulators, etc. show less

Programming for Kids


Introduction to Programming for Kids is a creative computing curriculum designed by curriculum experts for teaching programming to kids through coding ... show more activities such as animating characters, drawing shapes, making an automatic grading system, etc. show less

Physical Computing for Kids


Physical Computing for Kids - Level 1 is a coding curriculum for middle school designed by computing curriculum experts for teaching physical computing ... show more through exciting activities such as controlling characters using Ardiuno, creating exciting games, making a smart LED street light, etc. show less

Robotics for Kids


Robotics for Kids - Level 1 is a middle school STEM robotics curriculum designed by curriculum experts for teaching kids robotics with hands-on robotics activities ... show more such as assembling a basic mobile robot, building a Smartphone-controlled robot, a Follow Me robot, etc. show less

Duration – 4 months

Course Fee

  • Option 1
    Registration Fee – 11,000
    Monthly Fee – 3500 x 4

  • Option 2
    Full Payment – 22,000 (Saving 3000/=)

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