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Golem Experts

(Stem High School - Level 2)

Electronics for Kids


Electronics for Kids - Level 2 is a specially-designed high school STEM curriculum curated by curriculum experts for kids to delve deeper into electronics through ... show more projects such as understanding the effect of series and parallel connections in a circuit, visualizing analog and digital signals, visualizing an RC circuit, making DIY goggles, etc. show less

Physical Computing for Kids


Physical Computing for Kids - Level 2 is a coding curriculum for high school students designed by curriculum experts for teaching physical computing activities... show more such as making a DIY touch-based piano, controlling an LED with voice commands, etc. show less

Robotics for Kids


Robotics for Kids - Level 2 is a high school STEM robotics curriculum designed by curriculum experts for teaching kids robotics with fun hands-on robotics... show more such as building a gesture-controlled robot, obstacle avoiding robot, line following robot, etc show less

Duration – 3 months

Course Fee

  • Option 1
    Registration Fee – 13,000 (We will provide all the necessary stem class room Bundles)
    Monthly Fee – 4000 x 6

  • Option 2
    Full Payment – 35,500 (Saving 5500/=)

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